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Girl Scout Cookies are cultivated by Goldleaf Gardens in Washington as a special genotype known as Peppermint Cookies. At the 2015 DOPE Cup in Seattle, Peppermint Cookies won Best Hybrid for to its minty flavours and deep purple-green colours.

Concerning This Hybrid Strain

The 2015 Seattle DOPE Cup was won by the hybrid cannabis strain Peppermint Cookies, which has a strong indica component. Its sweet, minty, and nutty undertones make for a smell that is suggestive of its name.

The harvest-ready buds of Peppermint Cookies have spade-like shapes, are forest green, and have a good amount of trichomes and orange pistils.

THC values typically range from 19 to 22%. After use, its euphoric high will start to calm the body and mind, reducing all pain and stress. It is advised to use this strain in the evenings or at night because it has a reputation for sedating users. Despite the inherent lethargy of Peppermint Cookies, some reviewers have noticed that it can make people laugh or talkative.

With this strain, side effects are uncommon, and dry mouth is the main offender.

THC Levels

Breeders Gold Leaf Gardens have not made Peppermint Cookies seeds available for purchase in stores. For this reason, prospective growers must acquire clippings from mature plants of the strain in order to develop "clones." We know that Girl Scout Cookies can thrive indoors or outdoors, given that outdoor growing occurs in a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate, despite the fact that there is little information available on appropriate culture techniques for this specific genotype. Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies is renowned for producing short, bushy, indica-leaning plants that are simple to grow indoors. Just before blooming starts, expose the plants to chilly (but not freezing) nighttime temperatures to bring out this strain's eye-catching purple bag appeal.

Common Effects

The high from peppermint cookies builds over time before its effects are completely felt. Users may suddenly find themselves startled with a sharpened sense of usually commonplace things, which can have confusing initial effects. The sense of a "mind race" with rapidly shifting freely associative thoughts may result from specific circumstances. However, as the high intensifies, this strain's stoney indica side begins to take over, leaving users content and at ease. This strain might not be the greatest option for concentrating on intensive, vital work due to the combination of perceptual distortion and deep relaxation in Peppermint Cookies. Instead, relax in the closest cosy environment and allow yourself to get delightfully fuzzy and dreamy.

Bring out Peppermint Cookies to share with friends while having a giddy, meandering chat, or enjoy it on your own as a companion to a soothing album or movie. Peppermint Cookies is suitable for consumption at any time of day due to its all-encompassing and balanced high.

According to medicine, peppermint cookies work as a powerful analgesic to relieve muscle tension and numb chronic aches and pains. Its anti-inflammatory qualities may also help with headaches and motion sickness. On the psychological front, this strain is effective for temporarily easing the acute symptoms of sadness, anxiety, and PTSD because of the way it improves mood and reduces stress from daily events. The unpleasant side effects include a lingering dry mouth sensation. Peppermint Cookies has a lower-than-average risk of paranoia due to the tranquil body high that it provides in the conclusion, making it a good option for patients who are prone to panic.

Reviews (6)

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