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Don't undervalue Woody Kush too quickly. The genuine sedative effects of this strain begin to take effect after a few minutes, even if everything may first appear moderate and pleasant. Woody Kush is incredibly powerful and provides excellent relief from muscle pain and insomnia. Patients who use this indica only at night will fall asleep without realising it. The history of Woody Kush is evident in its scent. This strain has a characteristic skunk-like fragrance and a piney flavour, reflecting the parentage of its Master Kush, OG Kush, and Hindu Kush varieties.

The majority of the cannabis world also refers to this medical cannabis strain as "Woody Kush," which is a triple cross of the infamous Master Kush, OG Kush, and Hindu Kush strains. It is a 100% pure indica strain. This potent plant has an average THC content between 21-23% and a variety of indica effects. The Woody OG high is characterised by users as being extremely sedative and enduring. This high creeps up on you and leaves you feeling immediately joyful, euphoric, and introspective. During the high, you'll be easily sidetracked and alone in your own thoughts.

This will gradually help you drift off into sound slumber, making Woody OG perfect for use at night. The Woody OG medical marijuana strain is regarded to be the best strain for treating patients with illnesses including sleeplessness, stress, chronic pain, and inflammation because of its strong benefits. The fragrance of Woody OG is skunky pine. On exhalation, there is a flavour of earthy wood with a skunky undertone. Medium-sized, dense, arrowhead-shaped forest green nugs with thick, orange fuzzy hairs and areas of dark olive green can be found on woody OG buds. These nugs are pouring with sweet, sticky resin and covered in a thin covering of milky white trichomes.

Woody Kush marijuana seeds' effects

Due to its powerfully relaxing effects on the body, Woody Kush is a great option for lulling users who otherwise struggle with sleeplessness to sleep.  Additionally, this strain can be effective in treating conditions like PTSD or depression.

Marijuana seeds Woody Kush cultivation

This strain's flowers typically range in size from medium to large and have tightly packed, mossy green foliage. They grow on short, bushy bushes.  The Woody Kush plant, which can be grown both inside and outdoors, should finish blooming and be ready for harvest in 8 to 9 weeks.

Reviews (6)

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