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Pine Tar Kush Strain UK

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Pine Tar Kush Strain UK

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Pine Tar Kush is a member of a pure indica genetics family that is indigenous to Pakistan. This cannabis variety manifests itself through vivid green hues and a skunky smell, and is essentially unchanged from its original genetic type. Pine Tar Kush has a robust Kush flavour that combines with sweet undertones to provide a high that is both relaxing and chatty.

Regarding Pine Tar Kush

Since Pine Tar Kush is a direct descendent of Pakistani landrace plants, you can be sure that every time you smoke it, you're in for a wonderful treat. True legends never die. This pure indica strain, distributed by the enigmatic group at Old Dreams Genetics, will leave you feeling fantastic every single night.

This strain is suitable for users of all levels of experience because it has an average potency of 20%. Nugs are quite the sight to behold, with their compact, rounded shapes, golden trichome coatings, and copious amounts of sticky resin.

As implied by the name, this bud fills your life with an almost overpowering amount of pine flavour and aroma. However, it is balanced off with a small amount of skunk and citrus to help brighten things up. This lady is not for you if you prefer sweeter or fruitier strains. A pure indica strain will have some stunning symptoms during her high, as you could expect. You'll initially experience a sense of elation and some mental clarity that will be useful for finishing off any outstanding work for the day. However, before long, a buzzing at the back of your brain will gradually spread down the back of your neck and throughout each of your limbs, leading you to a state of complete relaxation mixed with a hint of laughter. Sleep will arrive soon, but before turning in for the evening, be sure to gather a few nibbles and satisfy your appetite.

THC Levels

Give Pine Tar Kush a try the next time you're looking for something new if you enjoy indica marijuana and want to test what some people could refer to as a historic strain. As with other potent strains, exercise caution when consuming and prepare snacks in advance. You could even want a couple pillows and blankets because you'll probably fall asleep soon.

Reviews (6)

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