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Petrolia Headstash Weed Strain

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Petrolia Headstash Weed Strain

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Humbolt County is the starting point for Reeferman Seeds' prized Petrolia Headstash, which comes from Afghanistan. Its dense, pungent buds have a hashy flavour with notes of dirt, wood, and pine. Many people will experience drowsiness and relaxation due to the strong indica effects, which can help reduce symptoms including cramping, pain, and increased stress. It is excellent for making hash and other concentrates since it has a dense layer of trichomes. Petrolia Headstash's genetics can be found in other indica powerhouses like Herijuana, and decades of inbreeding have made it incredibly hardy and perfect for breeding.


Petrolia Headstash immediately puts you at ease, beginning with the mind and quickly moving on to the body. This strain will make you feel delighted and ecstatic as you forget all of your worries and put an end to your poor overanalyzing tendencies.

When you need it most, this bud is wonderful for lifting your spirits, and before long, you'll be so focused on feeling great that you won't be able to recall what originally upset you. You'll feel quite stoned and a little slow after smoking Petrolia Headstash, and your head will buzz and feel as like it's in the clouds.

Petrolia Headstash might assist you in keeping a positive attitude because it makes you feel light in your mind yet heavy in your body. After a while, this strain may make you feel tired, so if you need a little assistance falling asleep right away, this bud will provide it.


Petrolia Headstash has a strong aroma that is both earthy and reminiscent of just-cut herbs. This plant has undertones of strong flavour and is also sour like pine. A woodsy, natural mallow aroma can also be detected, which has a hint of spice.


On the first inhalation, Petrolia Headstash coats your tongue with the piney smoke and has a strong flavour that is similar to sweet berries. You'll notice that this strain is quite skunky and tastes a lot like citrus as you exhale. When it comes to the strain, a woody undertone with some sweetness is always there.

Reviews (6)

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