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Space Dawg Marijuana Strain UK

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Space Dawg Marijuana Strain UK

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Sticky Space Dawg buds are renowned for their mouthwatering flavour and strong indica punch that will quickly make pain (and possibly mental focus) disappear. This strain's THC content tested between 18 to 19%, thus it might send users on a trip that's best saved for the evening. This strain was produced by crossing Super Snow Dog with Space Queen, according to TGA Subcool Seeds. These plants have hardy growth habits and typically blossom in 8 weeks. Strong skunky aromas are muted by grapey bubble gum overtones in Space Dawg. The taste is exactly like fruit candy with the appropriate amount of sourness from the lemon.

Regarding Space Dawg

A predominantly indica strain, Space Dawg offers tasty smoke in addition to a muted, hazy high. This strain was developed by renowned cultivators TGA Subcool Seeds and is a hybrid between Space Queen and the strong sativa Super Snow Dog. For fans of indicas, Space Dawg is a must-try because of its relaxing waves that build over time. THC content is often high, measuring between 18% and 23%.

Space Dawg is distinctive because of its magnificent blossoms. These medium- to large-sized buds form thick, elongated columns as they adhere to one another. They contain compact buds that appear to have been impacted by indica, and the leaves on them are tightly clustered around the core stems. These leaves are a vivid spring green colour with wavy brown and orange pistils running through them. Finally, Super Snow Dog, the parent strain, imparts its penchant for high trichome production to Space Dawg, giving it a snowy layer of sticky trichomes.

Space Dawg's blooms have an earthy, musty aroma that is somewhat reminiscent of a damp basement after they have been thoroughly cured. There might be some faint herbal undertones in another whiff as well. A skunky tang that tastes almost like fermented organic material is released when the buds are ground up. Space Dawg produces a smooth, very appealing smoke that tastes flowery and faintly dank when exhaled when burned in a pipe or joint.

THC Levels

TGA sells Space Dawg seeds, although they are not typically kept in stock. They can be effectively grown indoors or outdoors if they are procured, while outdoor growing calls for a humid, Mediterranean-like climate with reliable midday sunlight. When grown indoors, the strain's plants are short and bushy and reach flowering between 8 to 9 weeks. When harvested, they provide a moderate yield.

Space Dawg is a sleepy, laid-back strain that can be a posh nighttime smoke. Terpene lovers should seek it out because of its rich, complex flavour.

Reviews (6)

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