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Wonder Woman OG Weed Strain

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Wonder Woman OG Weed Strain

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Wonder Woman was first created by the breeder Nirvana and is a hybrid between their Super Skunk and their adaptation of the renowned, award-winning White Widow Dutch strain.

Wonder Woman is supposedly an indica-dominant strain that offers skunky overtones with an earthy and sweet flavour as well as a sufficient quantity of CBD, which is said to counteract the strain's high THC level.

Cannabis strain Wonder Woman OG is an indica. Reviewers on Leafly claim that this strain awakens, tingles, and makes them feel tired. Let us know if you've ever smoked, dabbed, or otherwise enjoyed Wonder Woman OG! Submit a review.

What is so awesome about Wonder Woman?

If you asked growers what makes the plant so special, they would likely mention its astoundingly high yields; if you asked consumers, they would presumably mention its enduring buzz. A proposed cross between Wonder Woman and another tall-growing hybrid is Ice. Plants typically flower in 9 to 11 weeks, producing a large number of tightly packed buds that are simple to cut. The blossoms have a fruity, skunky scent with hints of jet fuel.

Increased knowledge

Even for inexperienced cultivators, Wonder Woman is reportedly rather simple to produce. Between the vegetative and flowering phases, growers should anticipate that the plant will double in size. Wonder Woman is supposed to yield a lot of olive green colas with milky trichomes and bright orange stigmas in an eight to ten week flowering cycle, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing situations. According to Nirvana, the typical yield while employing the Sea of Green (SOG) method is between 450 and 550 grammes per square metre.


Wonder Woman emits a strong blueberry aroma and a light floral perfume scent as soon as I open the jars for their daily burping. Even more of a hay fragrance can be detected, although it should fade as the wound heals. The smell of hay and flowers grows stronger as the vaporizer heats up, but not enough to overpower the aroma of blueberries. My favourite kind of marijuana is sweet-smelling, and Wonder Woman does not disappoint.


When inhaled, WW has a flavour similar to the edible flowers that upscale restaurants place on their salad platters. It tastes like berries and chocolate on the exhale.


The effects are mildly strong, noticeable right away, and continue for one to two hours. One individual can easily get high enough to operate off of one 9lb turkey bag. Wonder Woman did not make me anxious, even when I binged and did two bags in a row (after a week of not eating), and I have a form of PTSD that may occasionally be really crippling. This kind is excellent for daytime use. Even when the high has worn off, it doesn't make me feel drowsy or fatigued.

Reviews (6)

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