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Regarding Indigo

The Indigo Strain, an uncommon mixture of 100% pure Indica, proudly displays its heritage in its moniker. Users enjoy the taste, which has a peaceful tea flavour with a slight spicy aftertaste. Growers appreciate how resilient the plant is, and users appreciate how welcome the flavour is for beginners who are worried about getting acclimated to the skunkiness of other strains. Its effects produce the expected sensations, including a cosy feeling of peace and an addictive case of the munchies.

Because the plant is so robust, growers adore indigo, but those hoping to yield high yields soon must understand that indigo takes some time to begin growing. The sprouts appear later than with other strains, extending the development period to roughly 70 days, which is a little longer than usual. However, you can anticipate this strain from Sativa Seedbank to yield 450 grammes per square metre (they bred it from Afghani Landrace and North African Landrace strains). Since the plants are sturdy, you won't probably suffer any losses either. Compared to most strains, it also requires shorter vegetating time.

You'll be shocked by the plant's purple colour once it develops and blooms (even the trichomes are lavender-purple). The nugs are bumpy, resembling little violet popcorn pieces, and the hairs develop into thick, long, amber-colored fibres. These nugs have an aroma that is reminiscent of fresh country soil, herbs, and wildflowers with hints of nearly spicy notes. This translates to the flavour, which maintains a floral sweetness and an earthiness before closing with a spicy-sweet flourish that will make you think of a wonderful cup of herbal tea.

Common Effects

Because Indigo retains 2% CBD after burning, it may be the reason why you experience a slow increase in high that lasts for many hours. Those who need to manage their unpleasant mood swings or battle chronic exhaustion benefit greatly from this strain's brilliantly relaxing effects. You can become chronically stressed out from not being able to unwind, which makes you feel exhausted on busy days. Your body and mind will both benefit from a session of relaxing with Indigo.

You can spend some time (or even hours) with Indigo to obtain the relief you need to fall asleep if you suffer from stress-related insomnia, which may be caused by a depression or exhaustion problem. However, it's important to note that Indigo doesn't have a fully sedated effect that can make you fall asleep against your will or treat severe insomnia. The mood-stabilizing and stress-relieving properties of Indigo mix with its calming wild floral and earthy-sweet tea flavours to put you in a relaxed state. The hunger will consume you for hours while you are on Indigo, so keep the goodies coming while you relax and take in the relaxed vibes.

Reviews (6)

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