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Buy Hog Medical Weed Strain UK

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The Hog marijuana strain remains a mystery. The Hog marijuana seeds are still one of the most enigmatic options in our entire online inventory, having been first harvested in Amsterdam. However, we do know that this strain is a strong indica-sativa crossbreed. It can be difficult to gauge just how hard this hybrid will hit you because it is estimated that The Hog's THC level will be in the range of 16 to 23%.

Take your time when it comes to The Hog, we advise. Slowly and sensibly enjoy the cigarette. You never know how The Hog will manifest itself in your mind and body due to the vast range of THC levels. It's preferable to enjoy the Hog experience from your couch in the evening because it's known to be a psychedelic one. This strain is not in use. It produces a deep body buzz that could induce yawning and stretching.

The Hog may go best with a movie or soundtrack that will engage your mind and senses because to its hallucinogenic effects. Additionally, The Hog induces feelings of pleasure, a joyful attitude, and a stress-free experience. A three-way cross between Afghani, Hindu Kush, and Marr-i-Sharif produces the Hog strain. It grows quickly indoors and typically reaches a height of 4.5 feet.

What flavour does The Hog have?

The majority of customers claim that while The Hog's flavour is far less harsh and fairly palatable, its fragrance is infamously pungently foul. The Hog offers consumers a distinctive blend of wood and earth flavours with skunk, sweet spice, and pine accents as well as potent floral overtones. The aftertaste of pepper and dirt is also discernible to those with exceptionally refined palates.

How can I cultivate cannabis from The Hog seeds?

In addition to being able to be grown inside and outdoors, The Hog is also highly resistant to common moulds and mildew, two characteristics that contribute greatly to how simple it is for even inexperienced growers to cultivate this pure indica. Additionally, all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminised, making it extremely unlikely, if not impossible, to grow "useless" male plants.

The Hog will prosper if it is grown outdoors in a dry, sunny setting. To deal with its very strong and overbearing odour indoors, use charcoal filters or some other method.

When you shock your plants at the conclusion of their vegetative growth period by leaving them outside in chilly, but never freezing, nighttime temperatures, you can bring out the magnificent purple hues in some genotypes of The Hog.

Reviews (6)

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