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Buy High Octane OG Medical Strain UK

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OG High Octane

Purely an indica strain, High Octane OG has received an incredible number of honours. High Octane OG's genetics are unknown, however many think it is closely linked to OG Kush. Some growers counter that High Octane OG is simply an intensely diesel-like variant of OG Kush. Its resemblance to OG Kush is supported by the fact that their buds are comparable. In any case, this strain is renowned for its strong THC content and genuine heavy-indica effects.


Even the most heavy smokers will be knocked out by this pure indica strain since it is so strong. Smokers of this variety will experience a rapid onset of fatigue and heavy relaxation throughout the body. This strain will definitely keep you on the sofa. Smokers will initially experience a rush of energy in their heads as the powerful strain enters their bloodstream. The head rush will eventually give way to a heavy-weighted stoned feeling, which will make you desire to sit or lie down. We advise that you clear your schedule before smoking High Octane OG and be ready to unwind and take it easy for the next few hours.

After smoking, we advise engaging in low-effort activities like watching some TV. Additionally, we advise you to make some snacks because this strain will undoubtedly make you hungry.

Because of this strain's strength and all-indica genetics, many patients rely on it to survive. The following conditions can be treated:

  • Insomnia
  • Appetite
  • Continual Pain
  • Long-Term Stress

As might be expected from a pure indica, this strain's main side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes.

Aesthetics, aroma, and flavour

This strain's buds resemble OG Kush quite a bit. They are typically large and have a bright green appearance. The sticky trichomes that are frequently densely coated on bud will leave your fingertips covered in dust. High Octane OG has a strong aroma that is similar to diesel with overtones of earthiness and piney odours. If you are a novice smoker, this strain will taste incredibly gassy and can hurt your lungs. Overall, we advise using this strain for people who require a strong indica to unwind and treat more severe chronic ailments. Try our other OG product, Lemon OG.

Reviews (6)

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