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A popular hybrid marijuana strain and the development of Girl Scout Cookies, Platinum Cookies is also referred to as "Platinum Girl Scout Cookies," "Platinum GSC," and "PGSC." This Cup-winning hybrid fills your nose and lungs with sweet flavours of berry and candy, followed by a fruity spiciness. It is a cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third unidentified strain. Patients suffering from excruciating pain, nauseousness, swelling, migraines, and stress shouldn't search anywhere else for treatment because all symptoms—physical and psychological—quickly disappear. Any consumer who has any doubts about the strength of the Platinum GSC strain can be assured by the thick layer of crystal trichomes covering its sage green leaves.

With regards to Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

One of the most well-known hybrid strains in existence is Girl Scout Cookies, which is a cannabis variety (not the actual cookies). The hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison, one of the most well-known strains in existence, produced the strain. Given that the strain tends to lean towards sativa, and given that its THC content is high—about 25%—it is not surprising that it produces such a potent and euphoria-inducing high. It is mostly utilised for patients' stress reduction due to its efficacy.

Medical Advantages

Due to its effectiveness, it is frequently used by patients to reduce stress. Other therapeutic uses include the management of the majority of anxiety disorders, pain reduction, depression treatment, and insomnia treatment.

THC Levels

Cropping the Platinum GSC canopy to reduce crowding and illuminating sizable growth rooms with HIDs (high-intensity discharge lamps) are two other growing recommendations. They can be a godsend for maximising the yield of your Platinum crop while it is in the vegetative state. Let's assume that you have at least acquired some high-quality GSC. You'll detect an earthy, piney, sweet, and aromatic perfume that smells like freshly cultivated soil. It has a sweet and earthy flavour. A pleasant smoke overall, Platinum GSC has flavours of candied cherries, fruits, and hot spices.

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Reviews (6)

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