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A rare 100% pure indica strain known as Washington Apple was produced by mating the notorious Pez X Ortega strains. Look no further if you enjoy extremely sweet and tart apple flavours. With a delectable candy-flavored exhale and a wonderfully sweet citrus and apple flavour, Washington Apple offers absolutely everything you've been dreaming of and more. As the nugs are broken up and burned, the perfume of rich oranges and tart fruits with a hint of sweetness becomes more pronounced.

The seeds of Washington Apples

The indica dominating variation with an undetermined THC content dominates this Washington Apple strain. Washington Apple is connected to the strains Ortega and Pez, which are 99% indica and 1% sativa, respectively. Washington Apple will develop into a lovely marijuana plant with attractive buds. Grow a beautiful cannabis plant from the Washington Apple seeds, with a predictable flowering period.

Purchasing Washington Apple seeds is not feasible right now, but we'll let you know as soon as they become available.

Effects of Washington Apple Flavour

The exhale has a candy-like flavour with notes of apple, lemon, and sweetness. Beginning behind your eyelids, the blissful sensation spreads to every area of your body. You then experience tingles that settle and deepen your state of relaxation. As you give up on sedation, you won't be able to concentrate.

Health Advantages of Washington Apple

You might effortlessly fall asleep thanks to it, preventing persistent insomnia. When you experience chronic stress, despair, and anxiety, it offers momentary reprieve. Even deep-seated, chronic discomfort or aches can be eliminated by it.

Effects of Washington Apple that isn’t good

Dehydration from marijuana can cause cottonmouth and bloodshot, itchy eyes. Take no more than the maximum dosage that will not exceed your tolerance. When you're stressed out, you may have severe and pronounced negative consequences including paranoia, mild anxiety, headaches, or vertigo.

Washington Apple cultivation

You may grow this weed both inside and outside. It mostly requires the nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. To prevent vitamin burn and inadequacy, you must feed it properly. In order to prevent root rot, you can water it every three to four days.

Reviews (6)

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