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Bonkers Cannabis Strain UK

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Bonkers Cannabis Strain UK

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A Lemon Tree mother and a Cookies & Cream F2 father were crossed to produce Bonkers, also known as "Bonkerz". A delicious strain with a creamy lemon flavour characteristic emerges from stunning lime green buds as a consequence. An easy, mildly intense buzz results from the experience. Try this lemon cream dish if you want strains with a lot of lemon flavour.

About Crazy

Bonkers was developed specifically as an early finishing plant for the outdoors by the Next Generation Seed Company in British Columbia, Canada. It was created with the intention of thriving in the damp, chilly forests that surround British Columbia. The breeders combined Grapefruit, Burmese, Purple Indica, and ruderalis to develop Bonkers, a strain that is around half Indica and half Sativa, in order to reach this durability target. This strain, which has a fruity flavour, can give consumers a strong body stone that might keep them glued to their seats.

Although it's not the best strain for when there are tasks to complete, it can be a very efficient pain reliever in the afternoon and evening. Additionally, bonkers can make you hungry and may help some people fall asleep considerably more quickly. Additionally, the strain may be used to reduce stress and anxiety.


These are a blend of fruity, sweet, and flowery aromas with a tropical feel. These buds emit a soft, non-irritating smoke that is kind to the lungs when they burn.


It is an earthy-tasting strain with strong fruit flavours. Floral undertones can be detected when the dense smoke is expelled, and they remain in the mouth after the smoke has been exhaled.


It has a short, broad stem and a bushy look akin to an indica. produces water leaves that range from dark green to purple. Additionally, the blossom becomes purple when exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period of time.

Benefits of Bonkers Strain for Health

Bonkers strain feminised cannabis strains provide medical marijuana users with a number of therapeutic advantages. It is effective as a mental treatment for PTSD, stress, anxiety, and tiredness. The patient's lingering recollections and doubts will be put to rest by this plant, which will also render them useless. However, because to its euphoric and mood-enhancing effects, it encourages pleasure and boosted energy that radiates in their aura, giving them a powerful impression of positivity by securing these negative perceptions. Patients who use prescription marijuana who are in pain benefit from this fem's well-known sedative and analgesic qualities. It also calms the nerves and unwinds the muscles, allowing patients to get the extra sleep they need. Numerous people who struggle with sleep or have insomnia could still look forward to the restful sleep that marijuana may provide as well as cannabinoid medications to help them get the rest they so desperately need.

Reviews (6)

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