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Cheese Marijuana Strain UK

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Cheese Marijuana Strain UK

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An indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain from the U.K. called Cheese, also known as "Dinafem Cheese," is named for its intensely acidic aroma. Cheese has become very popular because of its distinctive flavour and steady potency. Cheese is thought to be descended from a Skunk #1 genotype whose distinctive aroma dates back to the late 1980s. Later, breeders like Big Buddha Seeds added Afghani indica genetics to Cheese to boost yields and trichome production. The strain that resulted is now well-known for its tranquil, joyful qualities that help you gradually enter a peaceful frame of mind.


Cheese will undoubtedly bring back memories of skunkiness from the past thanks to its Skunk background. As the name implies, there is a strong cheese aroma that permeates the air and instantly transports you to the neighbouring French cottage where an abundance of intensely delicious cheese treats are prepared.

Since Cheese is a hybrid that originally descended from South American and Afghani sativas, you will enjoy the finest of both worlds. Expect joyful feelings as well as a reduction in stress. Sativa genes will produce ecstatic ideas that will make your day better and give you a fresh outlook on everything.


Growing Cheese causes your grow space to smell strongly of sharp and sour flavours, just like a real cheese factory would. It is essential to use a charcoal filter for odour control.

This robust and pest-resistant cultivar will thrive easily in both novice and experienced gardens. Utilising hydroponics really booms and will put your exhaust air filtering system to the absolute test.

Cheese grows to a medium height when placed indoors, but when placed outside in a large pot with high-quality organic soil, Cheese can grow to be quite a large tree.

The blossoming period for cheese indoors lasts about 8 weeks. By the middle of October, she will be ready for harvesting outside.

Make careful to provide enough of support for the blooms, such as stakes or netting, as their weight alone could cause the branch to topple. both inside and outside.

Overall, the THC level of Cheese's medium yielding cannabis strain is between 18 and 20 percent.

Reviews (6)

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