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Herijuana Marijuana Strain

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Herijuana Marijuana Strain

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The marijuana strain Herijuana, commonly referred to as "Herojuana," is an indica. Herijuana, which was first created by Woodhorse Seeds, is a cross between the esteemed Petrolia Headstash Humboldt County Afghan indica strain and an outdoor hybrid from Kentucky known only as the "Killer New Haven" strain. Breeders have been experimenting with this combination for 15 generations in order to produce an inbred line (IBL), which means that the majority of the seeds will produce almost identical plants. Herijuana has fragrances and flavours that range from spicy earth and sandalwood to hashy fruit. It grows enormous, dense blossoms on an open, stretchy shrub. An oppressive, almost numbing feeling is produced by the high.

Regarding Herijuana

Herijuana is a combination of a Kentucky landrace strain (perhaps Killer New Haven) and the Humboldt County strain Petrolia Headstash, an Indica with Afghani ancestry.

When Motarebel had to take a break from breeding in 2006, Sannie of Sannie's seeds inherited Herijuana, also known as Herojuana, from the breeder. Herijuana was purchased from Woodhorse Seeds by Motarebel, who meticulously honed the variety to perfection. It was only natural for Sannie to take the momentarily orphaned strain because he frequently traded with and collaborated with Motarebel on genetic research.

Herijuana was traditionally believed to have 25% THC, but in 2019, a Wikileaf member supplied evidence that a Californian grower, Cory Peak, Inc, had grown Herijuana that contained 32.19% THC. It can reduce tension and anxiety and may be thought-provoking and meditative. Chronic depression and other mood disorders may be controlled by this strain. The body's numbing response reduces pain as well as muscle twitches and spasms. In addition, arthritis, migraines, and ADD/ADHD may all be helped by marijuana. Users may eventually go into a deep sleep as a result of its sedative effects.

Common Effects

It's advised to grow this earthy-spicy variety inside, although some people have also had luck growing it outdoors. Herijuana can reach heights of two to three metres and takes seven to nine weeks to mature enough to be harvested. This variety is an excellent option for new growers because it is comparatively resistant to temperature changes, mould, and fungal disease. The Sea of Green, Screen of Green, or super cropping techniques can be used to grow it. Per square metre, marijuana can generate 500 grammes or more.

Reviews (6)

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