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Swiss Indica Weed Strain UK

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Swiss Indica Weed Strain UK

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Any indica strain that grows naturally in the country of Switzerland is referred to as Swiss. Indica or sativa characteristics may be present in these native varieties (also known as landraces), depending on the environment and latitude where they are grown.

Regarding Switzerland

As you may expect, this 100% pure indica is a Swiss native and a well-known landrace that is highly prized globally. These strains typically have quite strong effects on the body and mind, despite the fact that the THC and CBD contents are sometimes unknown. Our colleagues at Nirvana Seeds have offered us this specific strain, simply called as Swiss.

The Swiss indica plant has a wide range of flavours, including spiciness, flowery overtones, and sweet and sour flavours. The smokey aftertaste and herbal overtones add even more flavour to the rush of saccharine sweet and earthy tones on your tongue and in your nose. These particular nugs are in the medium to large range, are minty green to forest green with brilliant orange hairs, and have crystal trichomes. The size and colour of the nugs often fluctuate depending on the breeder.

This strain is spot on for the slow-spreading, tingling high that is characteristic of pure indicas. The user's mood is lifted and their body is completely sedated into a couch lock as a result of the buzz, which starts at the back of the neck and travels through the limbs and into the digits. Throughout the prolonged high, the warmth comes and goes until you eventually drift off into a very deep sleep.

THC Levels

If you enjoy good indicas, this will satisfy all of your needs. It will round off your day with a wonderful night of sleep because it is calming yet energising, invigorating yet serene. A excellent end-of-day smoke fest is made up of all the contrasts. Try pairing it with a citrus blunt wrap for an added flavour boost because of how strongly floral it is.

Common Effects

This strain's numerous medical applications are a big draw for users. Swiss is excellent for pain, sleeplessness, muscle spasms, inflammation, and cramping because it is a strong sedative. It has the power to entirely relieve physical pain while calming the mind. This strain is helpful to people who deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and bipolar disorder because it is also thought to be a mood booster. The powerful nature of this strain of cannabis, which can quickly become overwhelming for new users, is advised. If the correct climatic conditions are present, this strain can be grown rather easily. Due to its Swiss ancestry, it prefers cooler to tepid conditions. Outdoor harvesting occurs in late October, whereas indoor harvesting takes about 8 to 9 weeks. Get your baskets ready because there will be plenty to fill them up because the yield is high.

Reviews (6)

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