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Konservative Kush Weed UK

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Konservative Kush Weed UK

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Information on the conservative kush strain

Although Konservative Kush is a lesser-known strain, it's safe to say that this cheap strain is by no means a conservative one! Although its strength is average, with a THC level of 18 to 20%, its effects more than make up for this shortcoming. Konservative Kush's olive-green buds conceal an uplifting high that, depending on your surroundings, can be energising or soothing. Konservative Kush is anything from conservative—it's fragrant, aromatic, and slightly pungent.

Kosher Kush, sometimes referred to as "Kosher OG," is a well-liked indica cannabis variety. Kosher Kush, now available from DNA Genetics in seed form, was first developed as a clone-only strain in Los Angeles. In the past, this strain has been recognised as the Best Indica and Best Strain winners in the High Times Cannabis Cup. High quantities of THC are produced by Kosher Kush's effects. It is regarded by many as one of the tastiest smokes available and is known as one of the most odiferous OG Kush-related strains. It has a distinctive yet recognisable aroma that is reminiscent of rich earth and fruit. The high is typical of many potent strains, bringing quite substantial pain alleviation and relaxation, frequently followed by sleep.

As a purebred indica variety, Kosher Kush is the ideal representation of its strain. Its high THC content produces a potent and incredibly calming high. Kosher Kush in particular is considered to be one of the greatest strains for sleeplessness. It receives an exceptional grade for sleepy and an excellent score for calm on Leafly. At Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, you can find a complete list of our kosher items.

For anyone who needs assistance with sleep issues, this is pretty much the perfect nightcap. Kosher Kush does not generate as much hunger as some traditional sedative strains, which is beneficial in a strain intended to cure insomnia because eating just before bedtime lowers the quality of your sleep. Of course, it's only a small portion of its medicinal potential, and only one of the strains on our menu that can aid in sleep and much more that are offered at our North Las Vegas dispensary and our Thrive shop in downtown Las Vegas.

Reviews (6)

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