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Mendo Breath Weed Strain UK

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Mendo Breath Weed Strain UK

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The cookie strain lineage's OGKB and Mendo Montage parent strains were combined to create the sweet and earthy Mendo Breath hybrid. A brininess mingled with odd vanilla and caramel tones greets your nose. Given that it might provide users a strong body high, this strain might be ideal for individuals who like a more complete body high.

By combining OGKB with Mendo Montage, the indica marijuana strain Mendo Breath was created. This strain creates a euphoric high with strong physical effects that reduce discomfort and suffering. The aroma of Mendo Breath is delicious vanilla and caramel. It's vital to save this strain for after work or right before bed, despite the temptation to smoke it during the day. Mendo Breath is said to have rich, icy buds and an average flowering duration of 60 days, according to growers.


Mendo Breath's nugs are typically cone- and football-shaped, however they can feature dense calyxes that hold more weight than claimed. The strain's vivid lime-green hue, which is enhanced by a thick layer of trichomes, contrasts exquisitely with the violet flecks and sporadic apricot pistils.


Strong citrus undertones, sugar-and-cinnamon vibes, and a skunky, herbal finish are all present in Mendo Breath's sweet, zesty overtones. Before the floral and herbal tones take over, the spicy, sweet perfume can smell like a damp, stinky tub of French vanilla ice cream.


While much of the sweetness that your nose detects is drowned out by the combination of those skunky and flowery qualities, certain citrus and vanilla notes will cling to the sides of your tongue if you look for them.


Although different strains have varied effects on different people, Mendo Breath has a relaxing effect that is practically universal. The initial rush of happiness is rapidly replaced by the urge to eat, yawn, and lay out in front of the TV. The strong high has been used to treat a variety of conditions, including stress, pain, migraines, appetite and sleeping difficulties.

Reviews (6)

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