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Cookie Monster Weed Strain

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Cookie Monster Weed Strain

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Girl Scout Cookies, a staple of the West Coast, and OG Kush, a legendary powerhouse, were combined to create Cookie Monster, the Seattle Cannabis Cup champion from 2014. With this mixture, you get dense, frosted blooms that have traces of purple and orange hairs all over them. Cookie Monster tends towards medium-to-full sedation and pushes the limits of Cookies' potential medical applications. Use Cookie Monster before bed to get your dream machine going or to ease physical pain or indigestion.

Origin and History of the Cookie Monster Strain

Pure indica cannabis strain Cookie Monster has an unidentified ancestry.

It is a hybrid of the legendary OG Kush and the well-known Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strains, creating a dank nug that is both beautiful to look at and delicious to smoke.

Make sure not to mistake Cookie Monster with Monster Cookies because they have separate identities! Indica strain Monster Cookies is also calming, however its parent strains are Grandaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies. An crucial distinction nonetheless, but an honest error!


When you first lay eyes on Cookie Monster's nugs, you'll want to consume it as quickly as its well-loved mascot consumes actual cookies.

Sticky trichomes cover the massive nugs of Cookie Monster. With a variety of green blossoms accented with dark purple and vivid orange pistils, it is a tri-color joy.


THC Levels

Although it has been shown to range from 14% and 23%, the Cookie Monster strain's average THC content is 17%. Depending on where you purchase this marijuana, you can be in for a strong experience!

Effects, Aromas, and Flavours

When you smoke Cookie Monster, it will provide you a full sensory experience because of its terpenes and THC content.


  • Your tongue will immediately enjoy the effects of this strain's smoking.
  • On the inhale, the Cookie Monster cannabis strain tastes minty sweet and similar to vanilla.


  • This bud not only smells amazing, but it also tastes well.
  • When you pull out these delectable nugs, a sweet perfume with earthy undertones and hints of mint and citrus aromas is likely to fill the air around you.


  • Ironically, you should smoke this green slowly rather than devouring it as quickly as possible like its namesake character does with real cookies. 
  • Take care when smoking the Cookie Monster strain because its slow-burning high will sneak up on you.
  • This strain's high will bring about an initial feeling of calm that will deepen over time. (And speaking of time, Cookie Monster gives the impression that time is moving backwards; as a result, don't pay too much attention to the clock or watch in the room.)
  • You'll probably find yourself suddenly melting into your sofa and curling up for a lovely stoned-out slumber session if you smoke too much, too quickly.
  • You're in for a wonderful and long chill high that is euphoric and relaxing with a nice body high after you reach that happy medium with this strain.
  • Cookie Monster is a fantastic cannabis choice for controlling chronic pain and migraines because of the body high it produces.
  • Its calming qualities make it a useful green for lowering stress and anxiety levels.
  • If you have trouble sleeping, Cookie Monster is another strain that you should try smoking before bed. You'll soon be counting Zs like Cookie Monster's companion The Count if you take a few good hits of this green at night.
  • Keep your cookies nearby because Cookie Monster is renowned for making people hungry.

Reviews (6)

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