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Buy Berry White Medical Weed Strain UK

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Berry White, commonly referred to as "Barry White," is a hybrid cannabis strain that is the child of two cannabis industry heavyweights: Blueberry and White Widow. For its even, balanced effects that provide relief from tension and anxiety as well as a feeling of exhilaration, Berry White is well-known in its own right. Berry White is excellent for promoting a positive attitude and may stimulate conversation and creative endeavours. The blossoms of this plant taste similarly fresh and have a subtle berry and pine aroma. They typically have orange hairs that contrast with their bright blue colouring.

Indica-dominant Berry White, sometimes referred to as "White Berry" by many cannabis experts, is the "celebrity child" of the incredibly well-liked Blueberry X White Widow strains. Berry White, despite being an indica, demonstrates benefits from both indica and sativa strains, creating a balanced effect that provides ease for the mind and body along with a feeling of exhilaration. According to users, the Berry White high is quick-acting, resulting in an immediate sense of relaxation and a general warming sensation. After an hour or so, these sentiments reach their climax before giving way to free-flowing contemplative thoughts, a feeling of mellow couch-lock, and the munchies. Berry White is the perfect strain for treating illnesses including chronic pain, tension, and insomnia because of these effects. With a scattering of curled purple leaves, Berry White buds feature dense, popcorn-shaped nugs that are a dark olive green with deep blue and rich purple undertones. In honour of its White Wido ancestor, it is flecked with long, thin hairs of a dark olive green colour and completely covered in a thick layer of crystal trichomes.

Who are Berry White's parents?

The ongoing popularity of this strain can be attributed to White Widow and Blueberry, the legendary parents of Berry White. The Dutch are the source of White Widow from Green House Seeds.

Berry White: Sativa or Indica?

Since Berry White Pot's build-up comprises up to 65% Indica and just about 35% Sativa, it is categorised as an Indica dominant strain.

Medical Advantages of Berry White

Berry White Strain is a popular choice among medical cannabis users looking for pain relief from minor to moderate discomfort. It is favoured by those who experience persistent stress, sadness, and anxiety, though. Additionally, it helps those who struggle with insomnia, ADD/ADHD, and chronic nausea and appetite loss.

Reviews (6)

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