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Blood Diamond is an entirely indica-dominant cannabis variety. This strain is not suitable for novice or low tolerance smokers because it is a clone of the famed strain OG Kush. The THC content of Blood Diamond will always be at least 20% and has been seen on shelves as high as 30%. Very strong citrus notes with hints of pine, occasionally fuel, and classic skunk dominate the bouquet. The smells are strong and difficult to cover up. There is a lot of citrus and fragrant pine in the smoke itself. Light green, frosty Blood Diamond nugs have trichomes and vivid orange pistils all over them. Smokers of medical marijuana adore its long-lasting, all-over effects. Blood Diamond has a lot of positive reviews on Leafly from people who have used it to treat pain, anxiety, and insomnia. This calming, peaceful strain is perfect for movie night as too. Blood Diamond is one of the indica strains that go by the moniker "in-da-couch."

What effects do feminised Blood Diamond OG have?

This is not a marijuana to be taken lightly, so let's get that out of the way right away. Hits were brutally feminised by Blood Diamond OG. The overwhelming intensity of the marijuana is due to the enormous amounts of THC found in the sticky, trichome-covered buds.

After smoking feminised Blood Diamond OG, the first sensation is one of pleasant exhilaration and happiness. Within a few minutes, smokers experience a strong sense of happiness and ease.

The indica effects, which are the major draw, are effectively set up by the brief but effective cerebral and elevating effects. After using Blood Diamond OG feminised for a while, its physically incredibly relaxing benefits become apparent. Your entire body experiences a wave of calm starting from your core. You'll experience a sense of increased gravity as every muscle and tendon in your body begins to relax. Physical motions get heavier and demand more effort.

As consumption rises, sedative effects also rise. Sleep is assured when eyelids droop and unavoidable yawns increase in frequency. The deeply sleepy effects of Blood Diamond are deliciously pronounced, albeit they are not for everyone. Fans of indica will adore the robust physical high these weeds provide.

Blood Diamond OG feminised is a great option for evening consumption or as a nightcap before bed because of its benefits.

Reviews (6)

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