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Romulan Marijuana Strain UK

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Romulan Marijuana Strain UK

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White Rhino and North American Indica were crossed to create the indica marijuana strain known as Romulan. This pine-scented strain, named for the extraterrestrial race seen in Star Trek, is highly regarded for its medicinal and powerful properties. Strong, cerebral effects that gradually give way to drowsiness and relaxation are what you can anticipate with Romulan. Patients using medical marijuana select this strain to aid with symptoms associated with nerve damage and spasms in their muscles. Growers in the Pacific Northwest report that Romulan is a favourite variety because it yields rich, crisp buds.

The Past and Genetics

The famed indica-dominant strain Romulan earned its moniker from people making jokes about how it might "dent your head" and produce ridges similar to the warrior race from Star Trek. Skunk, High Times, and Cannabis Culture have all highlighted Romulan, which is well renowned for having a strong, narcotic-like stone. Users may get drowsy and lazy and frequently find themselves stuck in one place.

Romulan was purchased by Federation Seeds as a finished breed in 1996; its precise origins and ancestry are unknown. Romulan was sent to Federation Seeds as clones in an effort to keep the strain from going extinct. As a result, she was fully feminine, and Federation overcame the difficulty with the critically acclaimed White Rhino. Following this, the breeders repeatedly backcrossed the strain, reducing the genetic makeup of the strain to just 3% White Rhinos.

Common Impacts

Aroma, Taste, and Appearance

This unusual strain tastes of citrus and pine and has a very sweet, earthy fragrance. On the exhale, it may remind you of a spicy and woodsy scent.


In addition to inducing a sense of ecstatic happiness, this strain increases hunger. Even for seasoned users, Romulan has a potent "munchies effect," therefore snacks should be kept nearby. While dry eyes and cotton mouth are expected, consumers may be surprised by headaches, disorientation, and paranoia when taking large amounts of Romulan or incorporating it into edibles.

Since those with insomnia tend to favour this strain, it is not appropriate to use it during the day. Romulan is frequently found to ease even the greatest chronic aches and pains by those seeking pain relief. Others decide to use it to lessen the symptoms of melancholy, anxiety and stress disorders, and different stomach issues.


Romulan blossoms for roughly fifty to sixty days, then branches out and develops several budding sites. For methods such as the Sea of Green, this makes the strain less than optimal.

Reviews (6)

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