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Zeus OG Marijuana Strain UK

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Zeus OG Marijuana Strain UK

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By combining Pineapple OG and Deadhead OG, Dankczar of A Greener Today created Zeus OG. In the "Best Medical Hybrid" category of the 2014 High Times Washington Cannabis Cup, it won first place.

Concerning This Hybrid Strain

The 2014 High Times Washington Cannabis Cup's "Best Medical Hybrid" winner. Its dense, spade-shaped buds have a flavour reminiscent of tropical pineapple with hints of sweet spices and/or mango. Zeus OG has an average THC content of 17–19% and typically has higher-than-average CBD levels, earning it the title of best medical hybrid. Its high will gradually induce a sedative physical condition, alleviating aches and pains in the muscles and throughout the body. A light level of euphoria will also descend when the mind likewise calms as the rushing thoughts stop. As tension and stress eventually subside, warm waves of euphoria will spread throughout the body.

In addition to your typical dry eyes and mouth, adverse side effects may also include paranoia or drowsiness.

The greatest place to grow Zeus OG is indoors, where it takes ten weeks to completely mature.

Common Effects

Zeus OG gets started working its magic rather shortly. Customers may experience an increase in blood pressure as they inhale the potent smoke, especially in the jaw and around the temples. It's also possible to have an increase in salivation and a flushing of the cheeks. Soon after, the strain starts to have an impact on the smoker's brain, enhancing their perception and causing them to focus on concepts or outside stimuli that they might not have otherwise found fascinating. Working with this level of mental attention can help you complete challenging tasks as well as unrestrained creative endeavours.

Zeus OG, on the other hand, stimulates the user's thinking process, making it a good method to liven up monotonous tasks like chores or errands. Even among strangers in social situations, the strain's buzzy head high can encourage frank communication. With time, Zeus OG's indica side starts to show itself, releasing any physical tension and sending waves of calm down the core and spine. Smokers may experience the want to collapse on the sofa as a result of this newfound tranquilly, which can also lessen the strain's first cerebral effects and make them feel more at ease. Zeus OG is best used in its later phases for passive pursuits like binge-watching or board games.

Having said that, the strain's eventual fusion of mental and physical engagement can be a fantastic way to enjoy activities like exercising, playing video games, and even having sex. Zeus OG is best consumed between late afternoon and nighttime due to its gradual loss of vigour.

Zeus OG can be used in a variety of ways by people who use cannabis for medical purposes. Those who suffer from attention deficit disorders may be able to focus on a single job thanks to the feeling of being zoned-in that comes with its start. The positive exhilaration it produces can momentarily lessen the signs of mild to severe stress and sadness. Zeus OG can also help with physical pain, whether it be severe and caused by a sickness or less severe like a headache. Patients who are prone to anxiety or who have a low THC tolerance should use this strain with some caution because, in less-than-ideal conditions, its initially thoughtful effects can turn paranoid.

Reviews (6)

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